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The following are documents require in hiring foreign maids from Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines. However, if there are any questions that have not been answered, kindly call the us at +604-2282940 or Contact Us for an immediate response.

Document Required By Immigration Department
  1. Latest ORIGINAL Income Tax Assessment Borang B - Minimum combined income (Husband & Wife) RM 36,000.00
    Latest ORIGINAL Income Tax Assessment Borang B - Minimum combined income (Husband & Wife) RM 120,000.00 (for application of 2nd maid)
    Latest ORIGINAL EPF Contribution Statement needed if he/she is without Borang B
    最近的正本所得税估价表(Borang B) - 最低的合并收入(夫妇)为RM 36,000.00
    最近的正本所得税估价表(Borang B) - 最低的合并收入(夫妇)为RM 120,000.00 (如果您欲雇用第2个佣人)
    如果他或她没有Borang B,则需要最近的正本公积金贡献表

  2. Latest 3 months Original Salary Pay Slips (Husband & Wife)

  3. Company’s letter confirming Employment, Remuneration & Designation - written in Bahasa Malaysia (Husband & Wife) addressed to Pengarah, Jabatan Imigresen
    公司的确认雇用信件、报酬和职位名称(夫妇) - 文件以马来文书写并注明给予移民厅局的执法主任

  4. 4 copies of passport-sized colours Photos (Husband & Wife)

  5. 1 photocopy of I/C (Husband & Wife)

  6. 1 photocopy of Marriage Certificate

  7. 1 photocopy of each child’s Birth Certificate

  8. If your current residential address is different from that of your I/C, please submit the ORIGINAL electricity bill, water bill or telephone bill

If you are the Director/Shareholders of a Private Limited (Sdn Bhd)
  • Provide Borang 24 & 49

  • 提供 Borang 24 & 49
    If you are the Sole-Proprietor or Partner in an Enterprise Co
  • Provide Borang A & D

  • 提供 Borang A & D

    If you are applying a Maid to look after sick parent or parent-in-law, the documents to be submitted are as follows:
  • 1 photocopy of I/C of parent/parent-in-law
  • Doctor’s Letter (Original)
  • Birth of Certificate (photocopy) as proof of relationship between employer and sick parent/parent-in-law

  • 1张父母或岳父母的身份证副本
  • 医生证明书(正本)
  • 出生证明书(副本)以证明雇主和患病的父母或岳父母的关系